Basic general rules that regulate the accommodation of clients with pets in the Hotel Rural El Refugio, with address in Cruz de Tejeda S/N, so that their stay is as pleasant as possible and does not involve any discomfort for the rest of the customers staying at the hotel.

  • A maximum of one pet per room is allowed. Please understand that this rule applies due to the size of the rooms.
  • Only dogs are allowed; cats, birds, reptiles or any other animals are not allowed.
  • A room cleaning fee of 10 €/night will be charged.
  • The person responsible for the animal will have the obligation to keep it in proper hygienic and sanitary conditions.
  • The person responsible for the animal shall be liable for any damage caused by the animal to third parties or to the furniture. The amount of the damages caused will be charged and claimed to the name of the person who made the reservation, so it is essential to leave a valid credit card number at the time of check-in.
  • The Hotel Rural El Refugio reserves the right to refuse admission at any time of the stay to people and their pets that generate discomfort to other customers or have inappropriate behavior.
  • At all times the client will be responsible for their pet and its behavior.
  • The pet will be able to be inside the room and in the common areas to access it.
  • Pets may be in the common areas of the hotel (lounge) as long as they are leashed.
  • Pets may have access to the dining room, but must notify the front desk so that a separate table can be assigned to them. If the pet does not have the ability to behave calmly, the client must manage or take turns to access the dining room and not leave the pet alone in the room.
  • Pets can enjoy the gardens and exteriors of the hotel, always under the supervision of their owners.
  • Pets are not allowed to relieve themselves in the hotel grounds. They have at their disposal the environment as long as they pick up their droppings.
  • To leave or enter the hotel facilities, the pet must always be kept on a leash and on a short leash.
  • The pet may not be left alone in the room at any time. This is to avoid possible disturbances, by barking or crying, to other guests staying in the room, as well as damage to the furniture of the room.
  • Guests are asked not to let their pets on the beds or sofas.
  • Pets may not be bathed in the bathrooms or showers of the rooms and towels may not be used to dry them.

It is essential to request this document at the reception desk and hand a signed copy of it at check-in as proof of acceptance of the conditions.