TEJEDA, uno de los pueblos más bonitos de España
In the same area and lined up with the Montañeta de Altavista, Teide and the se^ng sun, lies the archaeological park of Bentayga, a place where the magical sunset will let you understand why the aboriginal people of the island, with a very strong connecFon with nature, chose this place as a sacred place.
Tejeda has received the official disFncFon of “Uno de los pueblos más bonitos de España” (“One of the most beauFful villages of Spain”), the first one that has received it in the Canary Islands. The Hotel is in the Nublo Rural Park, where lie the natural and archaeological areas of greatest interest of Gran Canaria. The Roque Nublo is the symbol of the island and its most emblemaFc place too. AddiFonally, in the village you can visit the Medicinal Plants Centre of Tejeda, a place with 5000 m that tries to recover and disseminate the close relaFonship that has always existed between humans and nature, because of the use of medicinal plants, tradiFonal remedies and the beliefs of the people.
The Museum of TradiFons of Tejeda, accessible to all, is located in one of the most singular buildings of the village. Restored by a stonework trade school, this building sFll has the structural and decoraFve elements of a typical canary house. This museum offers a tour that shows Tejeda’s prehistory, conquest process, traditional rural jobs and even the extraordinary quality of the agricultural products. In Tejeda there is a close relaFonship between its habitants and the environment where they live. The “tejedenses” (their demonym) feel very proud about their village and that is the reason why they want to share with all the guests not only their place, but also their history as village, that has inspired both local and foreign arFsts. Tejeda does not leave anybody indifferent.
Cruz de Tejeda s.n. 35020 Gran Canaria
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