“La Choza”, the heart of our kitchens.
“La Choza” is the culinary space of El Refugio, a li[le dining room inspired in the warm and friendly home environment. As the rest of the hotel, this room makes us easier establish a bond with our guests, a bond of friendship.
The recipes of “La Choza” come from our grandmothers’ cooking books: home-cooked food, with personality and tradiFonal, based on authenFcity, simplicity, natural food, all what we need when we come back home.
Our suppliers are the land, the trees and the naFve animals of the village, which provide us with arFsan cheeses and eggs from organic farms. Directly from the land we collect vegetables: potatoes, tomatoes... all of them watered by the morning dew.
Our “Choza” offers good cooking, saFaFng, health and natural food seasoned with coriander, rosemary, aniseed, bay, cumin... all of them typical spices used in canary recipes, always cooked with love.
Our guests will be able to enjoy our breakfast with a wide variety of home-made food, that will give them energy enough to start a day always full of surprises, emoFons and discoveries. Our dinners, always under the starlight, consist of tradiFonal and very famous dishes of the islands; dishes made slowly and calmly, with love; dishes which connect the island’s heart with all who taste them with us.
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