“There’s no “way to peace”. Peace is the way”. – Gandhi.
The Cruz de Tejeda is a stunning place to pracFse hiking or other outdoor acFviFes. We invite you to discover them.
In the Hotel El Refugio we receive constantly innumerable walkers from many parts of the globe, who want to visit Tejeda’s path network. This is one of the acFviFes that is El Refugio specialised in, so we try to encourage our guests to live this adventure, because it is a unique personal experience that they can do easily in our hotel. We could confirm that Tejeda is one of the most a[racFve and desired places of all the people who love the adventure of discovering the nature and feeling the peace of its paths. The ancestral origin of these paths comes from the need of communicaFon and transport between the different villages. Nowadays, these paths have been restored for the use and enjoyment of walkers that love leisure, sport and nature all in one.
Among the most popular paths is the road from Tejeda to Roque Nublo. The final ascent to the top is hard, but it’s worth the effort because of the unbelievable views of the island, an indescribable and magic landscape. In this trip, the walker will become one with the extraordinary landscapes of mountains, valleys and, of course, the naFve species. The so-called Royal Roads show the past, the geological processes, nature very difficult to match, an experience that you will never forget.
The designaFon of Tejeda as Starlight Tourist DesFnaFon by UNESCO has a[racted many visitors. At night, in Hotel El Refugio telescopes are not necessary for those who look at the sky. They will be able easily to see the universe, galaxies, stars, planets... The Canary Islands are the perfect place for observatories and astrophysicists. The cleanliness of our sky and the lack of light polluFons make possible see falling stars painFng the sky of Tejeda.
The unique colours of the sunset in Tejeda, the majesty of its geology and the peace are a never-ending source of inspiraFon for photographers and painters. Tejeda is, doubtless, a shelter for arFsts.
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