The agricultural producFons of the village have a great quality. The perfect adapFve capacity of their products to the environment and the tradiFonal culFvaFon processes guarantee incomparable flavours and textures. Potatoes, plums, almonds, their famous high-quality handmade pastries and cheeses are only some examples of their vast gastronomy and all of them have a common denominator: to keep alive the tradition.
Tejeda is famous for its almond trees, which provide the sweet almonds to do their tradiFonal pastries. The “bienmesabe” or the tradiFonal “mazapanes” (marzipan) are also typical from this village and can be bought, along with a wide variety of sweets, in their centenary pastry shop, these.
In the canary cuisine there is a tradiFonal way of cooking the potatoes based on cook them unpeeled and with salt or what we know as “arrugar papas” (crumple potatoes). The “papas arrugadas” with canary “mojo” are the essenFal complement of any dish and can be tasted in any restaurant of the village, where you will be treated with hospitality and affecFon.
The wide gastronomic choice of Tejeda is based on products of their own crop and dishes that have inherit the characterisFcs of the tradiFonal cuisine. This cuisine makes n us remember the basis of life, our roots, our culture based on the protecFon of the nature.
Cruz de Tejeda s.n. 35020 Gran Canaria
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+34 928 66 65 13

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